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TINXSYS support taken over by M/s Wipro Ltd. Effective from 1st April 2015, in case of any issues and support you may contact:- Helpdesk: helpdesk@tinxsys.com

Tax Information Exchange System (TINXSYS) is a centralized exchange of all interstate dealers spread across the various States and Union territories of India. TINXSYS will help the Commercial Tax Departments of various States and Union Territories to effectively monitor the interstate trade.

TINXSYS can be used by any dealer to verify the counter party dealer in any other State. Apart from dealer verification Commercial Tax Department officials will use TINXSYS for verification of central Statutory Forms issued by other State Commercial Tax Departments and submitted to them by the dealers in support of claim for concessions.

Instructions to use bulk form verification facility
  • Download the latest Form Search template from the Download Excel for Form Search link of Bulk Data Verification link.
  • Separate template is maintained for C form search and other form search (E1,E11,F and H). Use the appropriate form.
  • Do not change the file name after downloading the template.
  • Fill the mandatory fields in Excel Sheet marked as *.
  • All optional fields should be proper data.
  • Total Amount field validates the amount by considering decimal places.
  • Provide the correct spell of State Name Or select from state dropdown.
  • In case user giving non mandatory fields, Provide the exact issuing dealer name.



You may have a few questions on how to verify TIN or CST number of the dealer registered under Central Sales Tax Act online on this website. Whatever your query may be you are likely to find your answer here.

Dealer Search : A few simple steps to search dealer information on the website for guest users.

Welcome to TINXSYS website.

Before you begin your search for dealers registered under the CST Act here are few important guidelines & tips for effective search :

1. Click on the Dealer Search hyperlink provided on Home Page  Dealer Search

2. On selecting Dealer Search option following criteria for searching dealer will be displayed.

    You can select the criterion for searching the dealer e.g. search by TIN or Search by CST Number

Dealer Search Criteria

Search By TIN : Detailed information on how to search a dealer by the dealer TIN.

1. Click on the  Search By TIN   hyperlink provided on Dealer Search Page.

2. Enter TIN you wish to verify in the input text box provided.

Search by Tin

3. If entered TIN is valid, the details of the dealer having input TIN will be displayed.


4. If the entered TIN is invalid or does not exist then an error message will be displayed  informing     that invalid TIN has been entered.

Search By CST : Detailed information on how to search a dealer by the dealer CST number.

1. Click on the  Search By CST Number hyperlink provided on Dealer Search Page.

2. Select the corresponding state name from the drop down list of which the dealer belongs . After selecting the state  name enter dealer CST number you wish to verify in the text box provided.

3. If entered CST number is valid, the details of the dealer having input CST number will be displayed.

Guest User Details

4. If the entered CST number is invalid or does not exist then an error message will be displayed informing that invalid CST number has been entered.